Dear customer,

You are very important to us. And we are in the midst of expanding. So to improve our service, we now have a new TechSupport HelpDesk System to manage all issues from clients!

All you have to do, is to remember our website address

Some notes on basic usage:

1. Registering as user first time

Register yourself with your work/g+/facebook email id. 

Or simply skip this step and go to #2. (You can register/verify email accounts for this login later on)

2. To login to view your all the issues, replies, and statuses of tickets, login with the registered id at:

3. To submit new issues

Whether its your first or subsequent times, you can always send via your outlook/gmail/work email software to:

Do send it from the same email id each time though. Our system will recognise your id and link up all your issues together in a login panel.

But of course, if you login here and submit, the issues will look neater.